Dodge Ram 1500, The Check Gauges Light Has Come On, Why?

How do I turn off the check gauges light and alarm past its sell-by date in my Dodge Quad Cam truck

Check your fluids! Like the oil, the coolant in the radiator. Check gauge tells you to check what ever your vehicle gauges are programmed to alert you of.
Comment: Good advice pismo.
Answer: #1 find out why it is on! Like; low grease,low coolant,low brake fluid.etc what year of truck can make all the differance. I am a mechanic since 60s, all motor have basic principals,but can timely to correctly repair

Comment: I have a similar problem, but I hold a charging system issue. My Alternator is not charging. I have replaced the alternator on my 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 van drive in three months. I have done adjectives of the checks and everything seems to be fine, but the alternator just will not charge my battery. Please relief!
Answer: You do not say what year your truck is, so, I would take pismos advice and check your fluid level first.
If that is not the problem, then take your gas boater off and check to make sure it is in biddable condition, put the cap back on, making sure to tighten it until it clicks. Sometimes a loose or bad gas sou`wester can cause a check engine light to come on, due to an uneven fuel/air mixture.
If the check oil lamp is still on after that, then you can try taking one of the battery cables loose, exit it disconnected for about five minutes. Then reconnect the cable. Sometimes this will reset the check light.
If the light comes fund on, then take it to an auto parts store such as AutoZone, and have them to put the scanner tool on it to see what codes come up. They will explain to you what the codes are for, and most will run the scan free of charge.
Then go from there.
Check lights can come on for any number of reasons.   ♂
Comment: 2001 dodge hit gauge light on, after suicidal kitten took out the belt, replaced the belt. Nothing unplugged that I can tell and no fuzes appear to be blown, please advise
Answer: I am having trouble with te temp switch, so te temp switch is kaput,
i have a 99ram 15004x4 5.2

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