What Is The Difference Between Decoder And Encoder?

An encoder is the system which is used to put something into code to make it unreadable so that some message can be sent to a party and no other party can read the message. On the other foot, a Decoder is the system which is used to decode or translate the code and make the message again readable. Both encoder and decoder are used where encoding argot is applied. For example, if a word TRANSLATION is encoded then it can be written in various forms similar to NOITALSNART.

Comment: An encoder is a device which encodes(i.e. Convert into specific code) where as decoder warks opp 2 encoder i.e. It decodes dat specific code into d code req by d user.......
Answer: Encoding is the process of converting the original message into a coded one, whereas decode is the process of taking a coded message and converting it back to the original message.  The process can be an algorithm that is applied for decode and encoding, or they could be different.  The words cipher and decipher can be applied in impossible to tell apart way.
An encoder is a device that is used to convert a signal or certain information into code. This kind of conversion is done for a variety of reasons, the most adjectives being data compression. Other reasons for using encoders include notes encryption for making the data secure and translating data from one code to another trial or existing code. Encoders may be analog or digital devices. In analog devices, the encoding is done using analog circuitry, while in digital encoders the encoding is done using program algorithms. Some examples of encoders are multiplexers, compressors, and linear and rotary encoders.

A decoder, on the other hand, functions the reverse of an encoder. It is a device that is used to make sense of an encoded signal or data. It does this to help retrieve the data that be encoded in the first place. Both encoders and decoders usually function in tandem, i.e., an application that uses an encoder would ideally also require a decoder. There are different types of decoders, e.g. demultiplexers.

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