When Comparing The Strength Of Bonds Between Molecules, What Kind Of Bonds Do Ionic Bonds Have? What Kind Of Bonds Do Molecular Bonds Have?

Very Strong, Strong, Weak, or Very Weak

When comparing the strength of bonds between molecules, ionic bonds enjoy higher strength, Ionic bonds and molecular bonds have Ionic bond and covalent bonds respectively.
http://chemistry.suite101.com/article.cfm/molecular_bonds - 32k -
There are two types of molecular bonds ionic bonds and covalent bonds.
In ionic bonds one of the atoms involved in the reaction donates an electron to gain negative charge and the other get the electron to gain a positive charge .
In covalent bonds the electrons are mutually shared by the atoms to fulfill electron deficiencies
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When Comparing The Strength Of Bonds Between Molecules, Ionic Bonds Have very strong bonds And Molecular Bonds Have very weak bonds. In between the two types lies the covalent bond. For further information click on the interconnect:
bonds strength
I do believe your answer is 'c' (strong, very strong) my dear.

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