How Much Does A Pint Of Blood Weigh?

"A pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter." So, how much does a pint of blood weigh? Blood makes 7-8% of your body mass.

Well on average grown-ups unanimously have 5 pints of blood on board. This is round about 10.5 pounds of body solidity.
Comment: Blood weighs 1.06 grams per cc of blood. A liter (1000 cc) of blood weighs ~1060 grams or just over 1 kilogram (kg). We own 4-5 liters of blood in our body (based on weight of the person) or 4-5 kg of blood. A kilogram is 2.2 pounds U.S. so the average person is made up of 8-11 pounds U.S. of blood, or 7-8% of our body shipment. Again, totals are approximate and vary by persons weight, muscle mass, hydration, and other factor.

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