What Is Weathering? What Are Different Types Of Weathering?

The breakdown and decomposition of rocks and minerals at or near the earth surface in response to atmospheric factor is called weathering.
It occurs as a result of both chemical and powered process.

There are basically two types of weathering
1. Mechanical Weathering
2. Chemical Weathering

Mechanical weathering is the physical disintegration of planet material at or near the surface. That is, larger rocks are broken into smaller pieces. A number of process cause power-driven weathering .the three most important are frost action, the nouns of salt crystals, and root action. If water that soaks into a rock freezes, rime crystals grow and exert pressure on the rock.

Chemical weathering: a number of weathering processes produce a rock to decompose rather then disintegrates .contained by other words, the mineral composing rocks separate into component parts by chemical reactions rather than fragmentation. The three most important processes are oxidation, hydrolysis and carbonation. Because respectively of these depends on the availability of water, less chemical weathering occur in dry and cold areas then warm once.

Mechanical and chemical weather create soil .the thin layer of fine material containing natural matter, air water and weather rock things that rests on the solid rock below it. Soil type is much more a function of the climate of the region in which it occurs than it is of the kind of bedrock below it. Temperature and rainfall achievement on minerals, in conjunction with the decaying of vegetation to form soils.
Comment: I expected freeze thaw and onion skin were physical

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