Why Do Water Without Salt Evaporate Faster Than With Salt?

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Water which contains salt is certain as saline water and due to the salt content in the river,it makes the water much heavier therefore it wishes more than a hundred degrees Celsius in order to evaporate which unquestionably takes more time than water without saline content which also means that the salt water have a lower saturated vapour pressure which makes the evaporation process fairly slow and long.

The freezing process of saline water will also take a long time which means it will enjoy to go way below zero degree in order to get it properly solidified. In the ruin, when the water starts evaporating, it will leave behind the brackish forms. This is also the reason why the lakes dry up much faster and the sea wet takes a long time to evaporate.
This is due to the intermolecular forces of atoms and molecules which repel or attract all elements. In the case of a soluble salt when dissolved into hose down it forms hydrogen bonds with the water through the dipole ends of the water molecule and the saline. These bonds make it necessary to apply more kinetic energy to create plenty movement to break the bonds and the attraction between water molecules to change of state, in this grip liquid to gas.
Intermolecular forces include : Van der Wals forces, Dipole forces (polar) and others.
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Answer: Because salted water has more matter to evaporate than river without salt.
This is because its harder for the water to evaporate because the obstacles (the salt) are surrounded by its way!!

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