What Does Micro Mean?

The word micro is defined as a prefix. It means one-millionth. Micro is defined as a prefix meaning small. It is used in such words as microscope, micrometer and micrograph. It is also a metric prefix goal ten raised to the power of minus six (10 -6). The opposite of the word micro is the prefix macro-, which means colossal.

Micro is an adjective which means small. It also means one-millionth of the base component. It is also slang of a long-distance bus. The symbol for the word micro, which means one-millionth (or 1/1, 000, 000) or ten raised to the power of minus six, is the u. The base part is always represented by the number ten.

Micro-, when written as a prefix, also refers to those organisms that are so tiny that they can only be seen next to the help of a microscopic. These micro-organisms include animals, plants, bacteria and fungi. These are primarily organisms that have one cell. In other words, these animals are single-celled or unicellular. Sometimes, some species of colonial or multi-cellular organisms are also included.
Micro system small!

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