How Are The Functions Of Connective Tissue Reflected In Its Structure?

Example: Collagen si strong and stable, and somewhat elastic. They are linked together with hyaluronidase chains which make a contribution it flexibility, the function of this is to be like a cushion!

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What Is The Longest Amount Of Daylight Hours In June 21 Called?
I may be mistaken but I do believe it to be called the "summer solstice" my dear...Nassy PLS RATE MY ANSWER IF IT HAS HELPED IN ANY WAY...THANKS! That is the summer solstice. Hope this helps, to read more go to

What Are The Practical Applications Of Bernoulli's Principle?
Bernoulli's Principle says that the pressure of a fluid decreases as its speed increases. There are many practical applications that are surrounded by use every day. For example, an air plane relies on Bernoulli's Principle to generate lift on its wing. The curve of the wing makes the air move...

Whats Results From A Transfer Of Electrons Between Atoms?
One result of the flow of electrons is the production of electricity (in materials that have a higher conductivity rate).