How Many Pointers Were On The Very First Clock With Hands-made In The 14th Century?

Is it a.) 3 b.) 4 c.) 2 d.) 1 e.) 5

One pointer on first cock.
One pointer

Resolved Questions:
A Bag Of Groceries Has A Mass Of 10kg And A Weight Of About ____?
98.1N weight=mass*gravity acceleration due to gravity on earth is 9.81m/s^2 10N

What Does It Mean When Neighbor Leaves Nilla Wafers On Our Window...
For several months our neighbor has put a single nilla wafer outside on the ledge of our kitchen windowpane. Is this supposed to mean something? Sorry - more background. They also used to leave a cookie on the outside projection of their...

What does the principle of enthusiasm eternity miserable?
Please answer me immediately. Clarify your question. Whether it take relativity & entropy along. Interesting query but quite confusing.