What Does So2 Mean?

SO2 is the molecular formula for the chemical compound sulphur dioxide (also spelled as sulphur dioxide). Other names for this compound include Sulphur (IV) oxide, Sulphurous anhydride and sulphurous anhydride.

It is an important gas and is the chief product that results from the combustion of compounds of sulphur. Sulphur dioxide is a colourless gas. This is a considerable environmental concern. It may be noted that the "smell of burning sulphur" is frequently used to describe SO2. As of the year 2006, China is the number one sulphur dioxide polluter in the world.

It is the product of volcanoes as okay as of a number of industrial processes. It is even produced by the combustion of coal and petroleum, which comprise various quantities of sulphur compounds. Sulphur dioxide may be prepared via the burning of sulphur.

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