What Is The Definition Of Marine West Coast Climate?

High rainfall and mild climate.  The mild climate, featuring a relatively narrow range of average temperature, is the over-riding characteristic.

Usually rains a lot, but more contained by the winter, and not usually heavily, more like steady drizzle for long periods.   One very dry example exists: Patagonia, contained by Argentina.  

Mild (in temperatures) in winter and summer.  So virtually no temperature extremes, not too cold, rarely truly hot.  May snow, but not prone to weighty drifts forming.

Also called oceanic climate, and maritime climate.  Because the ocean is the major moderating influence.  Especially found in the northwest of the lower 48 US states and southern Alaska.  Also in the middle part of northern Europe.  The UK have this type of climate.
Its a rainy part of some place with rainfall fall all year around

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