How Many Cups Of Sugar Does It Take To Get To The Moon?

My son just asked me this question..LOL

Well, if we say your stacking the cups higher than each other, and the height of a cup is what...10cm high, a short time ago to make it easier?...

From the earth to the moon it is 250,000 miles. There are 1,609 meters in a mile...

1,609 X 250,000 = 402,250,000. So in attendance are 402,250,000 meters to the moon, or 40,225,000,000 cm to the moon...

So stacked on top of eachother, using cups measuring 10cm in point it would take a total of 4,022,500,000 cups of sugar to get the moon, which is just over 4 billion cups of sugar. I hope your son is grateful lol.
Comment: wow thank you so much LOl thats amazing!!
Answer: This would depend on several factor:

How big the cups were.  If one were tall satisfactory, then it would only need one.  You could afterwards climb up it and reach the moon.

How quickly you wanted to capture there.  If the cups were small, it would take some time to swarm them.

How much sugar is there in the world.  Obviously if there isn't plenty you would never get there.

How much money you have.  Would you know how to afford the huge cup, or lots of small cups and the large amount of sugar you would need.

How much storage space you have.  Do you enjoy enough space to store all the sugar and cups.

Is it raining?  If it is, the sugar would disolve.

There are many other factor which need to be taken into consideration, but I'm tired of typing. :-)

Comment: What film is it from? I just thought it be a random question lol.

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