What Is Lumbering Process And Tropical Lumbering?

The process of extracting timber from the forest is called lumbering. A great deal of preparation is necessary earlier actual tree –felling can go ahead. First the area has to be surveyed where on earth the best stands of timber are located. Tracks have to be opened up to give access to the lumbermen and allow the logs to be removed.

Camps enjoy to be set up with living quarters for the men, and facilities for servicing and maintain the equipment. Forest concessions and felling permission also have to be sought from the affairs of state only then the actual tree felling can set off. There are two different types of lumbering processes; Tropical lumbering and temperate lumbering. The process varies due to different nature of the forests contained by different climatic regions and differences in local techniques and economies involved to derive the greatest benefits of lumbering.

Tropical lumbering surrounded by the tropical rain forest or the monsoon forest it is mainly for the extraction of tropical hardwood such as meranti and teak. The operation is carried out in humid jungle environment, which is difficult to permeate. Lumbermen risk encountering wild animals, pests and deadly tropical disease.The fell of the trees is done by axes, handsaws and increasingly power saws, which are fast and very modernized.

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