How Does Water Enter A Plant?

Absorption of water and mineral salt take place generally in the area of the root hair. Each root fleece is a fine tube like out-growth of the epidermal cell. It grows in the soil particles. Hence it comes surrounded by close contact with the water present in the soil. Dissolved mineral salt are present in the soil water. Therefore the water surrounding respectively root hair is a dilute solution of mineral salts.  Due to a high surface nouns: volume ratio of the root hair, the rate of water and mineral absorption is enhanced.

The sap (plant juice) present within the root hair cell comprises of a relatively strong solution of sugars and various salts. The amount of marine in the sap is therefore lower than the soil solution (the sap has a lower marine potential). Due to this low water potential and the semi permeable membrane of the root hair cell, water enter in the plant by the process of osmosis.  The sap of the cell now becomes more dilute than the sap of the subsequent root hair cell.

Hence water passes by osmosis from the root curls cell into the inner cell.  Similarly the water passes from the inner cells to the cortex. This verbs process continues till water enters the xylem vessels and travels up the plants.
It go into the roots and it gets sucked into the plant

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