Why Do My Dreams/nightmares Keep Repeating Themselves?

Since i was a child i always seem to maintain having the same visins in my sleep,similar to walking alone in my hometown in my pajamas and im all alone i without rhyme or reason go in every house and their all aimless and i always wake up sad. Another is self pregnant and having my baby stillborn that one always get to me

There is nothing to worry about if your see dreams within repitition. Every dream has some link with your go. Every dream says some thing about your adjectives. Some dreams come true and some not.

You have to check the conclusion of your dream. I am giving you a web link that might assistance you.
Some say that dreams connect us to other worlds, such as the future and the world of the dead. If you hold on to having dreams like this it doesn't mean that anything is going to appear that you don't have the power to change. The dream about walking through your village could be a vision of the future or it could mean you are fixing to travel through some difficult times. As for the baby, well I am not sure. Don't think too much into it and it will be fine. Wishing you a relieved life.

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