What Will Boil Faster Salt Water Or Regular Water?

Regular water will boil faster than that with salt added to it. This is because tallying salt to water increases its boiling point and thus it takes longer for the river to reach this temperature, that is it take longer to boil.
However, common myth is that salt water boils quicker. Many ancestors have deduced that because food cooks quicker in saline water. This is only because the boiling temperature of the hose being used is higher and thus food is exposed to a higher warmth then it would have if regular water be used. Higher temperature helps cook food quicker not that the salt hose down is boiling faster.
You can actually try it out at home. Take one kettle with plain water within it and another one in which you pour a tablespoon of common salt.
Put them both on the stove at the exact same moment. Time them. You will file that plain water boils first. Ever wondered why water boils so quickly when you want to label coffee and seems to take ages when you want to boil it to cook pasta. Well, now you know. Its because pasta marine always has salt surrounded by it and water boiled for coffee is plain water! :)

Salt water

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