What Is The Importance Of Computer Science To Agricultural Development?

How does Computer science or computer technology adds value to agriculture in the society

The pressure of computer to agriculture

Resolved Questions:
What Will Happen To The Rainforest Animals If Its Cut Down?
They will have to resort to living out in the open next to the people. They will adapt slowly. However, many will lose their lives first. THE WORLD WILL COME TO AN END! It will be unsafe for there lives and causes many difficulty...

What Does In Strata Mean?
Strata refer to a layer of rock and soil. It is a bed or layer which has approximately one and the same composition throughout of whatever the strata is made of. Stratum is the singular of strata. Strata can be single layered or multilayered. It is a geological formation. Strata...

What Does The 2 Represent In The Chemical Symbol 2h?
Deuterium(chemical symbol D or 2h),is a stable isotope of hydrogen,found in extremely small amountsin nature.The nucleus of deuterium,called a deuteron,contains one proton and one neutron,whereas the far more adjectives hydrogen nucleus contains just one proton and no neutrons.Consequently,each atom of deuterium has roughly twice the...