How Do We Use Force Fields?

Need help on science paper about Michael Faraday and his contributions. I don't know how we use force field. HELP PLZ


Micheal Faraday was an English physicist who has numerous contributions in the pasture of electromagnetism and electro-chemistry. He was born in South London, England on September 22, 1791 and died in Hampton Court, England. He be one of the most influential scientists of all times.

His key contributions to Physics relate to electromagnetism. He established the basis for alluring field and discovered concepts such as electromagnetism, induction, diamagnetism and also laws of electrolysis.  He also established the basis for electric motor technology by inventing electromagnetic rotary devices.

He discovered the chemical component benzene, invented an early form of Bunsen burner and the system for oxidation numbers.

The concept of Force field was established by Faraday. It give an intuitive paradigm about the behavior of force fields. The force fields are the lines of force that one baulk exerts on another object. The objects are connected to the source object along the line of force. This concept allows the scientists to visualize the effects of one express doubts on another object.

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