What Is The Difference Between An Alternator And A Generator?

An AC generator or an alternator is a device which generates alternating current by converting an engine's mechanical energy (turning energy) into an alternating electrical current at adjectives engine speeds. The AC must be rectified or converted from AC to DC prior to reaching the vehicle's electrical system. The alternator operates by a belt at the front of the engine.  This unit transforms the 12-volt DC (Direct Current) from the battery-operated into AC (Alternating Current) at the rate of 13.8 to 14.2 volts, which is required for your car's performance and also for the working of your electrical systems.

The nature of the AC current is such that it is produced at a higher rate and is considered to be more stable. The chief difference between a dc generator and an alternator is in the way the rotating coil is attached to the external circuit containing the load. In an ac generator, both ends of the coil are associated to separate slip-rings which rotate with the coil. In a DC generator, two ends of the coil are connected to separate halves of a single split-ring, which rotates along with the coil.
An Alternator produces alternating current (AC), and a Generator produces direct current (DC). Both methods produce the same shutting down result, electricity.

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