What Is The Most A Person Has Ever Weighed?

1, 212 lbs is the heaviest person I can think of. He lives in Mexico. His baptize is Manuel Uribe and weighs about as much as five baby elephants!

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Do Male Or Females Have Better Memories,outdated Or Young
Do male or females have better memories, old or childish I think men all think at hand smarter =) I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Females learn better than males, and memory problems occur as we age.

What is unfinished physiology and prime anatomy of human heart?
The heart is a specialised muscle with 4 chambers: the top 2 are called atria while the bottom two are call ventricles. The outer layer of the heart is the pericardium, and the inner layer is the endocardium. The muscular part of the heart is...

According To Einsten's Photon Theory Of Light, What Does The Intensity...
One of the remarkable discoveries by the world-renowned scientist, Albert Einstein, is the Photon Theory of Light. According to the theory, light is an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength explicitly visible to the human eye. A photon is an elementary particle that defines...