Can You Name Foreign Chemists?

To give the answer to this question you need to insist on what country you are from.
Research on the use of mold extract to hasten coagulation in cheese production
who develop an efficient way of producing alcohol from agricultural debris
did research on plants possible sources of medicine

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Why is the bone structure of humans an engineering spectacle?
Your bones, for combined strength and flexibility, far surpass building materials devised by man. The shinbone can bear about thirty times the weight of the man resting upon it. Iron itself would be no stronger. And iron would be too rigid to accommodate the stresses...

Who Sang Deep In Moon Shine?
This was a phrase from the song 'IF I HAD WORDS', a hit in 1977 for SCOTT FITZGERALD & YVONNE KEELEY, to the tune of Camille Saens-Senne's Organ Symphony No. 1. (The song and music also featured contained by the film 'BABE'). The full lyrics were :-...

What Are The Physiological Effects Of Arachnophobia?
I'm looking for a research on the anatomy and physiology of arachnophobia and I'm having sum difficulty..I have subcategorized it by everything I can think of.. Please backing?? Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders and it cause intense frozenness effect on person who see the spiders they...