How Many Amp In A 9 Volt Battery?

The equation V/R=A (where V=voltage-volts, R=Resistance-ohms, and A=Amperes-amp) can be used to figure the amps at a certain voltage and resistance.

If You short circuit a 9 volt battery (cross the two terminals) near a paperclip, then the voltage will be 9 volts and the resistance will be in the range of .1 ohms. Plug this into the equation and you will capture 90amps, which can not be achieved by a current 9v battery! That means the battery-operated will however reach its max possible amps, and cause the battery and the paperclip to bring back hot, and possibly damage the battery.

This amp rating is limited to the electrical current that the battery-operated can store, and i don't think it would be able to store 90 amps at 9 volts.  Here are the stats of real milli amp hour dimensions of common alkaline batteries:
Aaa- 1150mAh
aa- 2850mAh
D- 18000mAh
9v- 595mAh
This is a difficult question to answer because of the track the question is worded.  Effectively, there is no correct answer.If you are asking how much current (how many amperes) would flow if the freestyle were shorted out (have a load of zero ohms connected across its terminals), afterwards the answer would depend on what type of 9 Volt battery you're using, what its state of charge is, and what the temperature is.Generally speaking, though, a typical 9 Volt battery have a fairly high internal resistance.  The chemical reactions surrounded by the cells cannot happen too fast because of their small size and the current carrying capacity of the various elements within the cells are small beside fairly high resistances.  So you can't get a life-size current out of a typical 9 Volt "transistor radio" battery even if you short it out.On the other hand, you may be asking what the capacity of the freestyle is, measured in Amp-Hours.That, too, will vary depending on the type of battery (carbon-zinc, alkaline, rechargeable NiMH, etc.).  It will also be artificial by temperature and the load current.At higher currents, the Ah rating will be lower than at lower assessment currents.I've seen ratings in the range from 300mAh to 600mAh depending on the battery-operated type and conditions of the test.Here's Duracell's PDF for their Pro-Cell line Manganese Dioxide 9 Volt battery:www.duracell.comHere is the PDF for their Alkaline Manganese Dioxide 9 Volt Battery:www.duracell.comThis site doesn't properly implement any method to edit.  First, it messed up the links I posted.  Then, when I tried to edit them to make them somehow work, it smashed adjectives of the text together, removing all spaces and paragraph breaks.  Now, it won't even let me delete this mess.Bummer!

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