Can Siblings With The Same Parents Have Different Blood Types 1 O- And The Other A+?

Blood type O- offspring can only come from an O- parent. Only one parent has to be O-. If the other parent is A+ later the offspring can have A+ or O+ blood. In this case, If one parent is A+ and the other is O- later the only blood types that they can produce is A+.A-, O+ or O-. If neither parent has O- blood then they cant possibly produce an O- child. If the siblings are A+ and O- later the parents MUST have A+.A-.O+ or O- blood.
Comment: Thats wrong!

One of the parents doesn't HAVE to be O- at all. All that is required is that BOTH the parents convey the O blood group gene. So both could be either A or B blood groups, but still produce a child with O- blood, so long as both are carrying the recessive O blood gene.

You see?! You see?!
Answer: What blood types would the parents have to be if one child is b+ and the other is a-?

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