How Do You Find The IMA Of A Screw?

This is a science question. I am new to Blurtit and I would like to ask this interrogate.

A screw is a simple piece or shaft of metal on which threads are machined through a lathe or any other machining process. It is used as a fastener and in many cases it is used as a mass verbs device. We can also say that the screw is like a form of inclined plane in which inclined is wrapped around a shaft.

In baggage all the machines/instruments we need to measure the usefulness, since every machine either increases the inputs or it decreases the input. For measure the performance of a machine we generally manoeuvre the mechanical advantage which is the input force divided by the output force. Normally due to friction the input force is reduced, however, in skin of ideal mechanical advantage we figure a situation in which there is no loss due to friction or any other factor.

There are different parameters of a screw which are central like pitch of screw which is the distance through which a screw travels in one rotation. To calculate the IMA of the screw we should enjoy the value of pitch, the length of arm to turn the screw.  To calculate to IMA you inevitability to know the pitch, but you also need to know the length of the lever arm being used to turn the screw. This lever arm could be the radius of a screwdriver knob, of the length of the handle on a vise or a C-clamp. This will allow you to calculate how far the screw will finance for a given lever movement. If the length of the lever arm is X and the pitch of screw is Y. For one complete revolution the distance travelled by lever arm is 2πX (Cirumferential distance). And for one complete revolution the distance travelled by screw is Y. The IMA will be 2πX/Y.

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