What Is The Mass Of One Molecule Of Sucrose In Grams?

If the mass of a molecule is expressed in grams it is called molar mass. The molecular formula for sucrose is C12H22O11. The molar mass of sucrose is 342.3 grams per mole. Sucrose is a white solid and its density is 1.587 grams per centimeter cube.

The molecular formula for sucrose = C12H22O11

Molar mass of carbon= 12 grams per mole

molar mass of hydrogen = 1 gram per mole

molar mass of oxygen= 16 grams per mole

The molar mass of sucrose= 12*mass of carbon + 22*mass of hydrogen + 11*mass of oxygen

The molar mass of sucrose= 12*12 + 22*1 + 11*16

The molar mass of sucrose= 332 grams

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