How Many Oxygen Atoms Are In A 14.0g Sample Of Cu(NO3)2?

First we must calculate the gram molecular wt. Of Cu(NO3)2:


Add 14 + 16=30 X 2=60 then add Cu(64_g/1_mole)=124_g/1_mole of Cu(NO3)2
Our subsequent step is to calculate the no. Of atoms in Cu(NO3)2 based on Avogodro's number
6.023 x 1023 atoms/1_mole as follows:

14_g Cu(NO3)2 x 1/124_g/1_mole = 0.11_moles present x 6.023 X 1023= 6.8 x 1022 atoms present surrounded by the sample of Cu(NO3)2 (copper nitrate)

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