Can You Describe Briefly Your Standards Of Success?

Since success can include people, places, and things, I just do the best, be the best I can be.  This is because capability are not firm for any person.
Success is being happy. If money brings you exuberance, then you're successful. If family is the source of happiness consequently when one has one, that's success. Whatever way a human being finds happiness is success in my assessment ;)

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I Need A Picture Of The Element Helium In Bohr Model Form?
I am new to blur it and i need a picture of the element helium surrounded by Bohr model form. For help go to:---> Two electrons in the 1s2 orbital!

Why Does Carbon Dioxide Easily Catch Fire?
Carbon Dioxide (Co2_ does not catch fire it is actually used in fire extinguishers to put out fires and is the what you return with when something burns. And you may be thinking Oxygen (O2) also not flammable on its own requires something to catch then the O2...

How Do Tribes Survive In The Rainforest?
By hunting animals and collecting fruits and vegetables in the wild. And build there house made by woods that effective to a lake or any place that they can have water supply, they can also place within house in top of a tree to avoid wild animals.