Why Do Plants Lose Their Leaves In Winter?

There are different types of plant that survive in winter and that not approaching the one that doesn't survive are ANNUALs: these are the plants that produce a handsome amount of seeds during spring season. But they don't survive in winter. But in the spring season, unknown plants grow from the seeds.
Second one is PERENNIALS
These are plants that survive during the winter season. Usually the plant part that breeds above the ground expires, but the roots are protected by snow layers.
Then surrounded by the season of spring, this plant will start to grow once again.
All plants find ways to survive the winter. The reason why plants lose their leaves are
1- In the winter, heat becomes smaller quantity available.
2- In the winter, light become less available.
3- In the winter, Water becomes smaller number available.
4- In the winter, minerals become less available.
5- The plants then began to take rid of the leaves by discontinuing the flow of food to these expire leaves.
And once the supply of the food from plant to leaves is close off, these leaves began to change their colour and next to the passage of time they beginning to fall past its sell-by date.
Like human beings plants also respire. They inhale and exhale on the similar principle close to humans. But plants shed their leaves during winter. They become  witty in summers because of  high temperature .
Many trees shed their leaves contained by winter season. They are called DECIDUOUS TREES.

1-Fall occurs when heat, insubstantial and minerals in the soil becomes less available.
2-The flow of food is stopped so the trees return with rid of their leaves
3-Once the food supply is cut off the leaves become pale and they shed

When the temperature falls below freezing the plant's cell are certainly destroyed. Frost can kill even the unprotected plant tissues. Trees however try to protect themselves by undergoing a complex biochemical process every autumn.

For example:-
They remove excess marine (makes them weak and their leaves are not getting enough nutrition so they fall)
Harden their tissues and create a natural anti freeze that give a hand keep their cell from freezing.
When plants and trees lose their leaves question arises do they still photosynthesize?
A good answer to this interview was given by Department of Forestry at University of Vermont.

They say that some trees have small amount of chlorophyll contained by their bark.
These trees are able to photosynthesize some sugar even if their leaves are shed.
Plants loose their leaves in winter due to following reasons:
p;           &n
       The plants of these types are called deciduous plants. The leaves of these plants contain a chemical call Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll in the presence of sunlight make food for plant and the process is called photosynthesis.

In the winter, the sunlight is not adequate to allow it to make food. But the food is stored in the roots to be used next season. In alike way as some animals do, and is called Hibernation. The food stored ,as reserves of carbohydrates stored in tissues, is simply able to maintain the branches and roots in the obscurity and cold winters and the leaves start losing. Also physical aspect is that the leaves if not lost, the heavy frost would stay on them and may cause the branches to break.

A lot of other weather factor also cause leaves to dry in winter season such as bright fair days beside icy soil, blowing of drying winds, very low moisture and snow cover. Some site problems also cause leaves to shed such as long distance from hose down reservoir, some sort of solid boundaries that trap cold air, the type of soil and the way with which the plant is planted.
What do you call a tree that does not lose leaves in winter

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