What Are The Applications Of Artificial Satellites?

After the launching of the first artificial satellite, Sputnik-1 by the erstwhile USSR in 1957, thousands of satellites have been launch into space. So far, both Russia and the USA have launched over a thousand satellites each. Other countries approaching Canada, China, England, France, Germany, India and Italy have also launched their own satellites, including geostationary ones. These satellites have yield extremely useful information regarding space and the earth. Many space probes going in the neighbourhood or around planets have also sent photographs and useful information about planets and their satellites.

In August, 1989, the US space verbs 'Voyager' transmitted very clear pictures of Neptune. These pictures showed six moons around Neptune, which was earlier believed to hold only two moons.

In October, 1997, the Saturn space probe Cassini (USA) was launch from Cape Canaveral air station in Florida. This probe will study varied aspects of Saturn.

Artificial satellites have a wide range of applications surrounded by astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, earth resource study, communications and, of course spying.

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