Why Are Prejudice And Discrimination Behaviors Unethical?

To quote the definition of the word "ethic" from one of the Webster's dictionaries: "A system of moral standards or values". Therefore, to behave in an unethical manner would be the contrary...i.e., to be immoral. Prejudice, bias against, and discrimination of a differing group have long been with the human race. It is commonly caused by a fear of those that appear strange to us, and that is call "xenophobia", or the dictionary definition of that word is: "Fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything foreign or strange."

But just because something has be with humans since the dawn of time, does not mean that we can not cram to become moral, and to learn to value people of other cultures and customs. We do not own to believe the same way as others do, to value their right to choose what they believe.

Behaviors that show prejudice and nouns are usually intended to harm another person or group of people. It may be done within hopes that the people will go away, and no longer create a feeling of one uncomfortable for those of the larger group. In earlier periods of time, masses groups could live their lives only with others who believed and thought as they did, and never have to find a style to live along side those that were "strange", or unlike themselves. It is very hard to find a place within this world to live that way anymore.  

If you follow the world wide news, it is transparent that even today, many groups of people believe in "ethnic cleansing". They want to rid themselves of nation who are different from themselves. This is unethical, because it shows a lack of moral standards and values for those that are different from ourselves. Many of us in the world hope that mankind have progressed through the centuries and millennia of time to learn to try to understand others and live in like peas in a pod communities.

As individuals, we have to learn what is right and what is wrong. We may have a different religion than our subsequent door neighbor. Therefore, we can choose the different things that we believe in, and have to 'discriminate' the things that are right and wrong. But we do not have to hurt others that do not believe equal things that we do. If we choose to have a moral standard for ourselves, then we must demonstrate that through the way we appeal others around us.

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