Will A Fertile Canary Egg Float Or Sink In Water?

My mother is a canary breeder, and canary eggs usually hatch on the 13th day.  Around day 12 it's a good conception to either give the mother bird a bath, or spritz the eggs insubstantially with water from a spray bottle.  This helps verbs the shell, making it easier for the baby to hatch.  Also, around day 10ish, you can place the egg in sea, and if the egg bobs around, it's actually the baby bird moving around inside.  If you want to know if the egg is fertile before that, you can candle the egg.  Around daylight 4 or 5 you can usually tell by candling if you have a fertile egg.  Of course, you need to be remarkably gentle.  If you candle and all you see is clear, with a bit of pale yolk, you don't have a fertile egg.  If the egg seems more solid, and you can see red "veins" through it, you have a fertile egg.

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