What's The Balanced Chemical Equation Of: H3BO3 + NaOH = Na2H2BO3 + H20?

Its the equation for an experiment called "rainbow titration" and i really need to find out what the balanced chemical equation is!! ... Please abet me

The Equation is not correct it should be

H3BO3   + NaOH = Na2H2 +   BO3 +   H2O

and the balanced equation is

4H3BO3 + 6 NaOH = 3 Na2H2 +   4 BO3    + 6 H2O

I am sure the following site will help you

Balance Chemical Equation

I think that the answer is:
H3BO3 + 3NaOH --> Na3BO3  +  3H2O

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