Why Is There A Need To Study Psychology?

To understand behavior.. And to treat those who are mentally ill.. To know what is normal and unusual behavior as well..
5 reason why we need to study psychology?

Resolved Questions:
What Dose It Mean To Dream About A Lady Night After Night?
I think i answered a similar question before. Its any madly in love, or obsession. And the latter is not apposite. Saints7

If Both Parents Have Blood Tye O+ What Blood Types Can Their Children...
If both parents have blood type "O" , their children will have only the possibility of an "O" bloodtype. As far as the RH factor (the + or -), the children could be any one, so these parents' kids would be only...

electric enclosed space inside the counter is non uniform why?
Because the electricity moves in a circle in the counter and due to this reason the electricity enclosed space created in counter is non uniform.