Who Are The Local Filipino Chemists And Their Contribution?

Anacleto Del Rosario
-Father of Philippine Science and Laboratory
-first Filipino Chemist
-invented a formula for a pure kind of alcohol from the tuba of a nipa palm
-extracted castor oil from an indigenous plant called palma Christi
Quirino O. Navarro
-determined the nuclear property surrounded by the isotopes of californium, einsteinium and dysprosium using cryogenic techniques
Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza
-sustained basic researches in plant biochemistry
Jose O. Juliano
-known for his researches within nuclear chemistry and physics
Lourdes J. Cruz
-made significant contributions to the biochemistry of toxic pepetides from the venom of Fish-Hunting Conus Marine Snails
Clara Y. Lim-Sylianco
-worked on mutagens, antimutagens, and bioorganic mechanisms
Francisco Quisumbing
-inventor of the Quink trademark ink, which is used in Parker Pens
Luz Oliveros-Belardo
-extracted strange Philippine essential oils and studied their chemical and physical properties
Julian A. Banzon
-stated that coconut can be a renewable source of chemicals and fuel
Francisco Santos
-studied the nutritive values and chemical composition of local foods from the Philippines
Ramon Barba
-created crop flowering techniques using a potassium nitrate spray
Francisco Santos
-studied the nutritive values and chemical composition of local foods from the Philippines
Rolando De La Cruz
-inventor of an anti cancer skin-cream
Alfredo Santos
-isolation and elucidation of biochemicals (the phaeantharine and other alkaloids) from Philippine medical plants
Eduardo San Juan
-worked on the team that invented and launch the Lunar Rover (Moon Bugg)
Daniel Dingel
-possible invention of a water-powered car
Benjamin Almeda
-designed a cutting edge food-processing machine

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