What Is The Difference Between A Thimble Berry And A Raspberry?

For years I thought my daughter was picking raspberries and we now find out they are thimble berries. What can you do with them? Thankyou to amore01 for the great responce. I do craving to say that my shoots and vines are thorny, does this mean I have a raspberry afterall?

I know some of the differences. The thimble berry and raspberry are both fragment of the rose family.  But Just to add to our confusion, it seems, thimble berry is sometimes confused near black raspberry (even though the fruit is bright red and the plants look different).  Go figure.  Most commercially sold  jams and jellies are made from red  raspberries, cultivators of the European red raspberry,  and while most people utter the flavour of thimble berry isn't all that impressive, many citizens do make their own  jellies from thimble berry and swear by the flavour. Usually the fruit is too seedy for jams.

There are also differences surrounded by the plants. The canes of thimble berry are smooth, rather than thorny. The leaves of the thimble berry, as well as the flower blossoms, are fairly a bit larger than that of the red  or western, or European raspberry plant.  The thimble berry fruit can actually look more like a cap than thimble, and some race call them cap berries. The fruit is more fragile than the raspberries we buy in the bazaar.  

Thimbleberry plants and fruits are found prolifically in the forests and park of BC, Canada and also along the pacific forested coastal regions. They have long been popular beside First Nations peoples. New shoots are eaten in the early spring, normally with half-dried salmon eggs. Bark from mature canes are boiled and used as soap. The fruits are eat fresh and sometimes mixed with those of blackberry (the trailing native Rubus ursinus is preferred). Fruits also are dried and then used contained by baking. Mature leaves are sometimes boiled and drunk as tea that is reputed to cure anaemia and to strengthen the blood. Dried leaves are said to alleviate the pain of burns and to help prevent subsequent scarring. They also are adjectives and the ashes then mixed with grease to help shrink swellings.

Thimble berry has not been useful within raspberry breeding programs. It is not as closely related to raspberry as, say, salmon berry, being in the Rubus subgenus Anoplobatus --whereas both raspberry and salmon berry are within the subgenus Aerobatics. Sterility is common in crosses between thimble berry and raspberry. Seedlings in the first classmates often flower profusely but fail to set fruits.

Here is a great site to explore if you want to know more about the differences:  www.ubcbotanicalgarden.org

Hope this be helpful!  Good luck!

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