What's The Difference Between Superstition And Religion?

Just curious to see what people think the difference is?

Religions are born of peoples faith,they appendage this belief down through all generations within their family, its what they believe to be the values of right and wrong,some call it their morality and they are devoted to this belief.

Superstition is like being influenced by irrational beliefs such as the reverence of things, ladder.., black cats,things of this nature it is a fear that some people convey and believe that if they come in contact with these things,that most likely something desperate will happen to them,it can be considered as a religion,but it is a sort of false worship,

so in a sense they are both comparable,in how relations view them,and use them,they both have for many the powers of the supenatural ability,but one plays favorably on the mind more than the other.this is my interpretation of both words,I hope it helped
Comment: There are lots of examples of beings in superstitions. Most are strong beliefs that compel people to do things much like religion does.
Answer: If it's your God, next it's religion.  If it's someone else's God, then it's superstition... or at least that's how a lot of those look at it.

Maybe if we respected each other's religions as much as our own, we could get along much, much better.

Comment: I think that's pretty close to what I be thinking on the subject.
Answer: Superstition is the belief in good & bad luck and things influencing them, and religion is the belief within a god or gods
Comment: good and bad....god and the devil sounds much the same still.

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