Through Which Medium Does Sound Travel Fastest?

Sound travels faster in water than in the atmosphere but in solids it travels about eight times faster.  Sound is basically a longitudinal thrash, which means it has to have a atmosphere to travel through.  For sound to travel quickly then it can individual do this by the medium in which it is travelling through compressing and then expanding thoroughly, very quickly.  So in effect, the denser a milieu is, the quicker the sound will be transmitted.  Gases will usually transmit sound much more slowly than liquids and solids because of this.  The lower the density of the gas next it will be even poorer as a medium for conducting sound.

In the air nouns will generally travel at around 300 metres per second, whilst in liquid it travels at around 1500 metres per second.  If however, it is travelling through solids, then this increases to 2500 metres per second.

Comment: That is so wrong! Sound travels the fastest through a solid !
Answer: If you think it's wrong you should correct it.
Does sound travel quicker through cotton or felt

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