Differentiate Between Lunar Eclipse And Solar Eclipse.

A lunar eclipse occur when the Sun, Earth and Moon are in straight line near earth between the Sun and the Moon. Lunar eclipse always occurs on a full Moon hours of darkness. When the earth shadow covers the moon completely, we have a total lunar eclipse. If it covers the moon only fairly we have particular lunar eclipse. The eclipse lasts one and only as long as the Moon is in the shadow of the earth. Once it moves out of the shadow, it shines brightly once again. The eclipse may be as short as a few minutes or as long as few hours.

A solar eclipse takes place when the sun, the moon and the soil are in straight line with the moon between the sun and globe.  It shows that a solar eclipse always occurs on a new moon morning. The shadow of the moon falls on a portion of earth. Therefore the people on this part of loam cannot see the sun at all. We have a total solar eclipse in these parts. In some parts of planet, only part of sun can be seen. At these places we can see partial solar eclipse.

The eclipse is over once the moon moves out of the rank from sun to the earth. We can see the full face of the sun again.
A lunar eclipse is when the moon pass through the earth shadow and seems to disappear.

A solar eclipse is when the moon crosses between the earth and the sun and appears to hide the sun.

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