What Does Hydrated Mean?

The word hydrated is mostly used in chemistry and it conveys the meaning of a class of compounds that contain water as its constituent. There are several examples of this quality of compounds and one we come across most often is washing soda. In washing soda dampen is loosely held and the compound looses it easily when you heat it. But in contrast to wash soda, sulfuric acid is another hydrated compound which strongly holds water, one of its constituent.

The word is derived from hydrate that means to hold your attention water and as water is one of the prime constituents of the compound it is named as such.

Sometimes the word is also mortal used for paper pulp that is beaten until it turned into gelatinous that is to say suitable for making the water-resistant paper.
Comment: Well usually hydrated means that at hand is water present dehydrated is the opposite

Answer: Its a chemical compound of hose down and another substance (Or cause to absorb or combine with river.)
hydrated means that there is water present

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