How Much Is 1 Kilo Compared To 1 Pound?

One kilogram is a heavier weight than one pound. A pound is more than twice a kilogram. In fact, the exact conversion is one pound is equivalent to approximately 0.45 kilograms. On the other hand, one pound is a lighter mass than one kilogram. A kilogram is less than half a pound. In fact, the exact conversion is one kilogram is equivalent to approximately 2.2 pounds.

In countries such as the United Kingdom and countries where on earth the British system of education is predominantly followed (which includes most of Africa and Asia, including the Indian sub-continent), the metric system is followed. Weights are measured in kilograms and not in pounds contained by these countries. The word kilogram is commonly abbreviated as kg. On the other hand, in a country like the United States, the standard part for the measurement of weight is the pound. The word pound is denoted by the symbol lb.
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"A kilogram is smaller amount than half a pound" this is wrong

A pound is less than half a kg
Answer: Weight for 1 kilo of tobacco equals to how abundant pounds?
The first answer has it backwards... A pound is less than half a kilogram.  Half a kilogram (500 grams) = 1.10 pounds; 1 pound = 454 grams or .454 kilograms;  1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds

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