What Is The Name Of The Body Of Water That Separates Antarctica From South America?

The antartic ocean will go so far, and then depending on the side will become any pacific or atlantic ocean. It is different for asia, as the is the indian sea

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How do you designation a gene?
A gene is named by a research community by publishing the name of a gene in quality newspaper and it characteristics. A name of a gene should always have three junk mail that are followed by an integer. For example: ADE12. The dominant part (allele) of the gene...

Do They Grow Potatoes In Rigby, Idaho 83442 USA?
Yep thats where our famous Idaho potatoes come from.. They have be growing and shipping quality potatoes for over 25 years!!

What Are The Different Insides Between A Blood Cell And An Animal...
If your referring to a red blood cell, then red blood cells have no nucleus, so no DNA, or any other organelles. Whereas animal cell have a nucleus, so do have DNA, and have heaps different organelles.