How Does The Electricity Reach Our Homes?

Aliens come down from the sky and they say "would you like some electricity for your house?" and then the party says "oh that would be very nice than you very much" and afterwards you take the electricity from the alien and then you go into your house unseal the hatch where you have run out of electricity and pore on the electricity and the everything will work perfectly as if zilch happened
From solar power

Resolved Questions:
Could You Define The Social Organization Of Illness?
Used in non scientific research When people interact near each other according to the values and customs under the cultural context for the recognition, evaluation and response to a one physical or emotional state it reflects the social organization of condition and illness.

State How Energy Is Generated By The Sun?
2 hydrogen atoms are forced together to create one helium atom leaving a small amount of energy that takes the form of roast. This process happens millions of times a second. It is called nuclear fusion. So far the Sun is 25% Helium and 75% Hydrogen.

Is Chris Angel The Devil Or Is He A Demon Or A Con Artist?
He is an illusionist, nothing more nothing less. He isn't really sleight of hand, because that doesn't exist. Sorry.