How To Kill A Sasquatch?

It is not known is a sasquatch can actually be killed. They are inhuman monsters outcrop able of destroying civilization and eating your xbox. That is why there are so few sightings of them, most populace die before coming back to society. Sasquatch or Bigfoot, emits toxins into the upper air as a sort of defence, or mating ritual. The only path to attack it is with sniper rifles, sniper rifles are totally awesome guns that blow up the heads of Goldeneye's enemies. To a bigfoot they desolately only bruise him. The fur of a sasquatch is stronger than metal and can withstand a volcano. Sasquatches lay their eggs in volcanoes and bathe contained by lava because soap cannot get through their fur. A hunter in Washington state tried to kill a sasquatch next to an AK47 the sasquatch tried to get away but instead tore the hunters arms clear off, my brother knows the guys sons cousin. For years scientists own tried to figure out how to kill a sasquatch, some theories are prevalent. Nuclear weapons is thought to vaporize them but the radiation might be rapt to be come a super sasquatch or "Mega-Foot".  One of the best ways to kill a sasquatch is to beat it with a sock full of doorknobs, that really hurts them and it will eventually deplete their time bar. Remember, when confronted with a sasquatch don't bother running, it will kill you.

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