When I Got Home Today There Was A Black Bird Pecking At My House Window, Dose This Mean Death Is On The Way?

Blackbird Flies At The Window Does Death Knocks At The Door

No if your superstition it is if a bird flies in the house they say it means that someone is going to endorse away soon.
Comment: It is an old Irish superstition that if any (but mostly black) birds pecking at the window, the person who first notice it will die. I have read this over and over in Irish ghost stories and other books involving extermination omens.
Answer: Hi Ozziesweet,

No, I think it just means that any the bird is stupid or needs glasses! LOL

We have birds who do that at the kitchen windowpane (at the back of the house) almost every day.  One time, after my loving husband bought me a large bouquet of flowers, it started beside three hummingbirds and worked its way up through the ranks to the bigger birds.

I think it's very sweet and funny -- I guess it freshly goes to show that our windows are clean ample after all!  LOL

Have you seen that commercial with the two wise-guy black birds and the man running into the veranda door?

Have a WONDERFUL week!

Comment: jojoblue does windows? lol
Answer: What it probably means is the bird saw itself in the chalice as a
reflection and picked a fight with the refraction.
Comment: Do you really reflect that's possible? Aren't they really just flying high enjoying natural life and maybe looking for some food and a safe place to nap? LOL
Answer: Only when the bird flies into the house is when demise is said to happen to someone you are close to. I'm a witness to this, as it happened to someone we were close to.

In my kinfolk, birds meant death of a relative...when I was for a time kid, we were eating supper & a bird flew by and pecked on the glass;;; a few hours subsequently we got a phone call that one of my mom's favorite aunts had passed away.......a few years latter my mom was in the yard, rake leaves, and a bird flew in circles a few feet above her head; try as she might, she could not startle it away.....again, another call regarding the passing of a relative.....and a further; my mom moved to a new home after her divorce and one morning looked out to see several blackbirds picking at her grass....at least a dozen or so......later that afternoon, she got word of another family member who have passed!.so perhaps it's just in dependable families, I don't know; but it sure is true with mine!! Fortunately for me, I"ve had birds insubstantially peck my apt. Window but no bad news followed; maybe it be just her sensitivity to things like that!

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