Do White Candles Burn Faster Than Colored Ones?

If so, why?

The candle that are plain (white) burn faster because the don't hold as many chemical but if the candles were coloured then they hold more chemicals and are greatly heavier!
There is a good reason why one candle burns faster than another... Because it takes smaller quantity time to vaporize the wax.
The color would only make a difference in that respect if a significant amount of the fry (imparted on the wax) came from the flame's infrared radiation. Because the wax is used up by it being heated from contact with the flame (and eventually self melted, vaporized, and then combusted), the composition of the wax and wick will have more consequence than how much wishy-washy energy the wax absorbs or reflects.
White candles burn faster because colored candles hold more chemicals which take a longer time to burn,although it also depends on the wick of the candle if it is cheap it wont burn if its a good quality wick it will burn.
That would depend on what be used to color the candles and what the candles are made out of and if the candles are all the same size and shape.

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