My 13 Year Old Shih Tzu Coughs And Gags Constantly. The Doctor Has Him On Codeine For The Cough, But I Wonder If It Is Something Else. We Have Done Many Chest Xrays And They Are Clear. Any Ideas On Possible Home Remedies Or What The Diagnosis Is?

Your dog might be having viral infection because vet has given him only cough suppressant otherwise surrounded by case of bacterial infection, antibiotics are drug of choice. Viral cough can be kennel cough and can take 3 weeks for recovery. Gagging within dogs is due to excessive mucus production in the throat and this can be due to following reasons.

   1. Bacterial or viral infection
   2. Allergies
   3. Anatomical abnormalities
   4. Tonsillitis

So, complete the course of treatment, your dog will be fine.

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