What Causes A Female Period To Come Every Two Weeks?

"You may get your menstrual period every two or three weeks. This can be because of stress, some types of exercise, and other changes contained by your life. If your menstrual periods are less than 21 days apart, or if your menstrual spell seems to be too heavy, your provider may want to check your blood count to see if you are possibly anemic. If you are anemic, you may have too few red blood cell or too little hemoglobin (oxygen-carrying protein in your red blood cells). People who are anemic need to eat foods that hold iron and/or take an iron supplement."
LOL! Obviously you are not a woman so lets start with it doesn't come every 2 weeks as a rule. Or maybe you are . Seriously though if anyone is having one every 2 weeks then i would progress see a gyn.  One should be seen regularly anyway and the dr will explain all your questions.

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