What Does A Loganberry Look Like?

A loganberry, blackberry and dewberries are basically all the same ethnic group.
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What Should I Avoid Eating When I Have Gallstones?
You should avoid fatty, greasy foods especially anything high in cholesterol. The gallbladder breaks down cholesterol for your body. A low fat diet is preferable for someone who is have problems with their gallbladder. It might also be adviseable for you to see a gastroenterologist.

How Do I Sear Pork Chops And Then Back Them?
I'm assuming you mean "How do I sear pork chops and then *bake* them"....right?? In that case, the simple answer is "Just do it." But I will expand on that answer a bit. First, pinch the pork chops out of the fridge. Take them out...

What Is Bottle Service In A Night Club?
What does bottle service at a nightclub mean? Do the sell you the whole bottle not drinks by the cup?. I'm from Oklahoma and they only sell drinks by the glass you cannot buy a complete bottle. Not all places do it the same way, but...