Can Junk Food Harm Us…?

Yes. In many ways. It is full of chemicals that generally do not mix well next to the human system. Some sorts of things in them will clog your arteries, increase blood pressure and give you a higher haphazard of heart attack. There are many other risks caused by junk food. Just try to stay away from it surrounded by general.
Yes it can because it makes you energy smaller amount and being energy less make you lazy

Resolved Questions:
What Foods Can You Eat To Get The Most Potassium?
I would suggest you Eat An Banana, ALOT of potassium! Bananas and gatorade are rich in potassium

Why Do You Have To Eat Healthy Instead Of Eating Junk To Get Healthy...
I just wanted to know. Definitely you would have to put away healthy food in order to acquire healthy. Junk food only increases your body weight by adding up fats to it whereas Healthy food is balanced food that...

I'm Dating Someone Who Drinks Everyday. I Have Never Been In His Company...
He just seems to really enjoy beer. Does he hold a drinking problem? DUH of course he has a drinking problem! Plus u shouldn't date him because that could become very unsightly!