Describe Other Measurements Sociologists Use To Calculate Prejudice?

Describe other measurements sociologists use to calculate prejudice?

Prejudice refers to prejudgement or making a decision without knowing the relevant facts. Sociologists own termed prejudice as an adaptive behaviour. It can occur because of the following reason:
- Biased views might be needed for survival.
-not having enough time to form a lawful view about a potential foe before adopt a defensive stance.
You can not specifically measure prejudice. .

Comment: I respectfully disagree, Aicha. Sociologists do have tools to facilitate them measure prejudice. A lot of times Sociologists with conduct surveys with controlled question or scenarios to help them in their quest for answers. If you don't believe me, stir to this website:, At the IAT Home page, click on the Go to the Demonstration Tests link, At the Measure Your Attitudes page, find and click on the I wish to proceed link. You will afterwards be prompted to select a test.

Good luck to you, Titi12. I hope this answers your questions.

Answer: Misnjak,
    I would have to disagree near you on sociologist being able to measure prejudice. I have to go to that website for school just approaching Lisa08 and I took the test and my results could not of been more wrong. So it shows the test is not accurate.
Comment: Or it scheme that the results you got are the way you really feel. It is not other that the results or tests must be wrong. Sometimes we need to look at ourselves a little longer when we are face with the results. Was there any truth to your results at all that you only just may not want to admit to yourself and the world. Something to think about. I took a assessment on that website as well and it was right on. I agree with you Keyana.
Answer: Inventory, fabrication detector test
I must agree with the test are not a hundred percent. First of all the means of access the test is, it looks like all the desperate things are associated with one type of race. This is an untrue thought as well as distribution. You can not determine how prejudice one personage is because they may not express it or they may tell you what you want to hear. How can you truly know!

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